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InnSaei Method

Children possess vast underdeveloped brain potential and the ability to command the heart’s “Intuitive Intelligence”. That’s why I developed The INNSÆI METHOD – to help children realize their amazing potential and live a fulfilled life.

Heart Intelligence is an elevated level of awareness where your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual intelligence flow as one.

INNSÆI refers to the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge
or cognition without evident rational thought and inference.


Here is what you stand to gain with us!


Strong mental focus and attention span are vital to unleashing the potential of a child’s brain. To that end, we teach our students physical and mental exercises which drastically improve these abilities.

We begin with physical exercises designed to enhance the mind-body connection while stimulating blood, oxygen, and energy circulation to the brain.

Next, we teach a variety of fun and challenging mental coordination exercises. These serve to actualize the neuroscience concept of “neuroplasticity”. This teaches us that we can create a more efficient and powerful brain by improving the way in which our brain cells communicate with one another.


The groundbreaking work we do for our students’ focus and attention, also profoundly improves their memory.

When your child is focused and attentive, or “in the moment,” they naturally recall information better than when their minds are scattered or distracted.


It’s no surprise why confidence-building is such a high priority in the
InnSaei  Method. Children with healthy self-confidence perform better in school, have more productive interactions with their peers and family, are socially better adapted to their environments, and generally make better choices in their lives.

With the InnSaei  Method, we enhance our students’ confidence by helping them to know who they really are. We achieve this with guided meditation and a variety of mind-body exercises. Students learn to look inside themselves and get to know and appreciate their strengths and positive attributes.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” In the spirit of Albert Einstein’s famous quote, the Institute celebrates the creativity and imagination inside us all.

We teach our students to tap into the creative power of their brain’s right hemisphere. This helps activate their imagination while synergistically balancing the function of their left and right brain activity.

Emotional Wellness

As our children grow, they can often feel emotionally overwhelmed by the challenges they face. Academic and social pressures combined with hormonal changes can amount to enormous pressure and stress.

By employing the proven techniques of the InnSaei  Method, our students gain a natural understanding of emotional wellness. They learn that emotions are just temporary state, and that with practice they can replace negative emotions with the uplifting emotions they desire.

Ultimately, our positive and proactive lessons teach students that happiness grows from wise choices and positive habits.


The heart is not only a place where we realize love. It is also an integral part of our higher identity – the mind of our emotional existence. To awaken the heart is to awaken an essential aspect of our very being. That’s why we must connect our evolution into the heart with the awakening of our complete self. The Chinese recognized this connection long ago. Their alphabetic character for the mind (shin), is the same as for the heart.

InnSaei  Method students gain access to their inner light through imagery and guided meditation. Children learn to release traumas and limited beliefs, to enter the tiny space of the heart, and to expand their consciousness and awaken their heart intelligence. This path takes students to a deeper sense of peace where they can live from a higher sense of inner knowing.

Ultimately, our positive and proactive lessons teach students that happiness grows from wise choices and positive habits.

2 Days Activation

Your child is growing up fast and ready for a little more independence, our training will be a perfect introduction.

Awakening process

The “Awakening Process”requires a minimum of ten 1-hour sessions, with results typically developing after 3 to 5 sessions.

Annual Summit

Once a child successfully completes 2 Days Activation or Awakening Process, they qualify to participate in our Annual Summit.

What Parents Say

My son is more confident and did better in school almost immediately after his first session. The ability to see from within allows him to feel he can do anything!
Thai Greenfield

What Children Say

We love the 3rd Vision Institute !


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