Genius Condition

In these two days active class children will have a lot of fun while learning about their brain, the importance of movements to balance right and left side of the brain and how to activate their connection with heart and pineal gland.

They will learn how to enter the condition of meditation in order to be able to ‘see’ with eyes closed. The genius doesn’t mean someone with IQ above 130, rather it is a condition when the brain wave decrease down to alpha – theta, and brain function in its optimal.

When the brain functions optimally all humans senses will be in their top performances including capability of intuition so a child is able to do all the activities with closed eyes. Once a child enters the genius condition they are able to do speed reading, faster memorization and better concentration can be achieved.

Its important for parents to understand that a lot can be accomplish in these two days training however the brain needs practice to integrate what learned then it will become its normal. Children that takes this training to the integration level will grow up with right brain active and not dominated by the left brain.


What The Parents Say

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