Welcome to The Children’s 3rd Vision Institute! I am Vera Lopez, the founder of Children 3rd Vision Institute and the creator of the InnSaei Method.

For more than 40 years I have traveled the world and coached people in personal empowerment and spiritual awakening. As I have crossed the globe, I have drawn inspiration and insight from countless cultures, individuals, and visionary belief systems. And from this vibrant melting pot, the InnSaei Method has evolved.

It took decades to decipher ancient wisdoms and properly pair them with cutting-edge technology in order to realize the system I am honored to share with you. The experience has crystalized my life’s work like never before …

Now, it is my mission to offer children a fulfilling life of heightened awareness, joy, and cognitive abilities. And it would be wonderful to have you, the parents, join us on this liberating journey as well.

It is a blessing to welcome you and your family into The Children’s 3rd Vision Institute!

Vera Lopez

Vera Lopez is a native of Brazil and International Transformational Teacher and Coach. She began studying spirituality at the age of 18 in Brazil.

For 14 years she studied and worked with Luiz Gasparetto, a well known Psychologist – Metaphysical Teacher and Spiritual Psychic Artist, in his spiritual and metaphysical center in Brazil. There she realized her natural ability to channel and started to direct it as a guidance tool while working as a spiritual counsellor.

Spiritual Group Leader & Shaman

In 1989 she founded  Spirits of the Earth®, a spiritual adventure travel company, touching the lives of hundreds of individuals while guiding them on spiritual journeys to Machu Picchu, Peru. Initiated in the Inca Tradition many times by different elders in Peru, including the Q’eros, Vera is a shaman in her own right.

Speaker & Presenter

Vera leads international classes and retreats on many topics such as shamanism, metaphysics, sacred feminine, shadow and self empowerment, traditional Japanese Reiki, Awakening the Illuminated Heart (a course from School of Remembering, founded by Drunvalo Melchizedek). Power Brain Education and Brain Gym®.

Integrative Coach

Vera studied with Debbie Ford and graduated with the Ford Institute as a Blueprint and Coaching Professional and Spiritual Divorce Coach.

Brain Instructor

Vera has fulfilled all the requirements and training necessary to be a graduate of the Brain Education Leadership Program with Power Brain Education.

Brain Gym®

Brain Gym

Vera is a licensed Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant.

Ecology of the Spirit & Vision from The Bronnikov Method

Vera has completed training I – Ecology of the Spirit and training II – The Inner Vision.

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