An Innovative Educational Institute

As parents, we all want our children to live to their full potential with joy and confidence. But in this age of technology, much of our vital brain/heart connection is being muted.

The vision and mission of the Children’s 3rd Vision Institute is to help children develop their brain’s learning potential and awaken their illuminated hearts, better preparing them to excel in future academics and life.

We believe that this new generation of children and their talents will help create a brighter future for our communities and the planet.

At Children’s 3rd Vision Institute we maximize the working of your child’s‘master computer’ in a way that will fascinate you and empower your child.

Unlocking and unifying the powers of the Brain and the Heart creates anew life of freedom, beyond what most people can imagine. Your children will naturally absorb wisdom and intelligence, and adopt anew passion for life.

Children’s 3rd Vision Institute conducts enrichment workshops for children through the use of modern technology,  brain wave enhancement techniques and specific body movements in a stress-free environment.

We are making breakthroughs in awakening the human mind / heart connection.

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