About our method

We all possess vast underdeveloped brain potential and the ability to command the heart’s “Intuitive Intelligence”.

Children are in the perfect developmental stage of their lives. Early experiences have a huge effect on children’s chances for achievement, success, and happiness. These early years are a window of opportunity for parents, caregivers, and communities to positively impact the lives and minds of their children.

That’s why I developed the InnSaei  Method– to help children realize their amazing potential and live a fulfilled life.

Heart Intelligence is an elevated level of awareness where physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual intelligence flows as one.InnSaei refers to the power or ability to attaining direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference. Anyone can develop this ability through proper training of the brain and awakening of the heart. And that’s where our Institute comes in…

Through our proven curriculum, students will increase their ability to process sensory information by expanding their consciousness and integrating functional parts of the brain with the wisdom of the heart.

It is typical for InnSaei trainees to gain the ability to recognize colors,shapes, and letters, without ordinary visual sensory input. However, the ability to perceive objects without ‘seeing’ them is not the true purpose of this training. The purpose of the InnSaei  Method is to awaken the potential abilities of the brain and enhance heart intuitive intelligence.This then leads to increased individual abilities, and the potential for grand contributions to society.

Most important to this process is the understanding that the human brain and heart have capacities that we are not fully aware of and therefore are not using consciously.

We believe there is hope for a better life and a better world through the development of these dormant capacities.  Our results have shown that InnSaei  Method students develop vital personal qualities such as self esteem,positive attitude, and a deeper sense of connectedness, love,acceptance, and compassion.

Under the expert guidance of our teachers, our students have the opportunity to master the unlimited power of their brains and hearts.

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